Fair Go Maintenance Laundry Renovations

Image of a laundry renovation by Fair Go Services

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Laundries are one of the home’s most used rooms and Fair Go Maintenance Canberra will help you transform your laundry into a stylish design solution. The styles and design and needs to be functional and practical and can also serve as a dual purpose room. A well designed laundry room should have plenty of storage and be easy to work in.

What style?

There are many style options to choose from and if you have the space and budget then modern and practical designs might just be for you. Neutral colour palettes can bring out the modern appearance and the colours you choose can dramatically transform your laundry.

Fair Go Maintenance will discuss your needs and budget and work with you on the style and design of your laundry before starting any of the work.

What products should I consider?

Fair Go Maintenance will help you select cabinetry, install updated lighting and new flooring to transform your laundry.  

Choosing interesting colour and pattern selections for your wall and floor tiles can add depth.  

Expert Advice 

It is important to allow adequate space and the grouping of appliances to make efficient use of existing plumbing.  Paul will help you with the design plans to ensure accurate measurements and positioning of fittings and appliances.

The plumbing, electric wiring, installing of cabinets, waterproofing and tiling are carried out by qualified and experienced tradespeople. Fair Go Maintenance will work with you to finish the work in time and within budget and keep you informed of any additional costs. 

How can we help?

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